To retain its brilliance and shine, your jewelry requires carefulness and some TLC. We have brought together our most important advice for you to keep in mind so that your jewelry will be a joy for both you and for future generations.

All our jewelry is high quality made in 18k solid gold. Gold is a relatively soft material, which makes it susceptible to dents and scratches. An expensive piece of jewelry is no less sensitive than a less expensive one.

Our jewelry is made to withstand daily use but it must nevertheless be treated with care. The chains are delicate, never use them when exercising or other activities where your necklace/bracelet may get stuck.  

DIAMONDS. Diamonds can only be scratched by other diamonds, but they are also brittle and therefore susceptible to impacts. Even a minor blow from a hard, sharp object in the wrong place, can cause the diamond to crack or loosen from its setting. If your diamond starts to look foggy or lose its luster, grease has most likely got stuck on the diamond. Diamonds are especially susceptive to grease.

RINGS. Rings are especially exposed when wearing them. Take off your rings when doing exercise, gardening, housework and suchlike since this can cause stress to distort rings and loosen stones. Remember not to combine your ring with another ring that can cause wear. We recommend that diamond rings should be controlled every twelve months to ensure that the diamonds are properly set.

JEWELRY CLEANING. The most efficient and safest way to clean your jewelry is with warm water and regular washing-up liquid using a soft toothbrush to reach between the prongs and under the setting where dirt and grease can get stuck. Wipe with a soft cotton cloth or kitchen paper towel. Avoid wipes that contain abrasives as the finish of your jewelry can be scratched or worn away. Ultrasonic cleaning should only be performed by an expert to avoid stones coming loose.

PEARLS. For your Akoya pearl jewelry, high quality pearls are very durable, but proper care is necessary to keep them beautiful and lustrous. Firstly, they actually benefit from wearing them at least semi-often. Pearls were originally born in the water and benefit immensely from absorbing the oils that your skin naturally secrets throughout the day. So show them that you care by wearing them! Be careful with chemical substances like chlorine, vinegar, perfumes, hairspray and cosmetics since they will eat holes in the pearl nacre. Make sure to put pearls on after finished spraying perfume, hairspray and putting on makeup. The pearl’s luster can also be harmed by perspiration. To prevent this, before returning your pearls to the jewelry box, wipe them gently with a soft cloth. When storing them, keep them away from other objects that may scratch their surfaces. And keep in mind that they need moisture, if the environment is too dry, the pearls may crack.

When not wearing your jewelry, store them in supplied box.

Please always bring your jewelry to an authorized dealer for repair and redecoration.